Billing and Subscription Updates: Sept 2021

We’ve made some big changes to billing and subscriptions. It’s now easier to set up longer term subscriptions and manage current subscription payments. Billing Subscription Lengths Customers have the option to buy 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscriptions for all subscription-based items. Previously, multi-month subscriptions required you to add prepaid credit to your account to cover […]

App Login User Guide

Log In to Your Driver Account Your initial login will require your mobile phone number, Driver PIN, and verification of a text message code. Setting Up Your Recurring Report Tap on the Account button Enter the mobile phone number associated with your Driver Account Enter your Driver PIN Enter the verification code you receive via […]

1-Pump Mode

1-Pump mode is an Admin option in the Fill-Rite app that will let you pre-select a pump. Once 1-Pump mode is enabled, the app will automatically select that pump. Drivers will not be able to select any other Pump, so this feature is most useful if you only have one pump at your site. To […]

Site Survey

Hardware Dimensions and Requirements for Mounting NXFM100 (v1.4): 11.02” H  x  7.48” W  x  5.51” D (279.91mm H  x  189.99mm W  x  139.95mm D). NXFM150 (v.14): 12.59” H  x  10.59” W  x  7.11” D (32.0cm H  x  26.9cm W  x  18.1cm D). Installation location has clear line of site to pump or is located where […]

Managing Reports

Reports let you organize, filter, and export the data from your fuel transactions. Reports can be saved, copied, and edited later so you do not have to re-create your commonly used reports. To access your reports, or create new ones, click on the Reports section while logged in to your Fill-Rite account. Download Report If […]

Export to PDI Ascend

This integration will allow you to easily export your data from Fill-Rite and into your PDI Ascend backend ERP. There are a few steps to get this integration configured: Map the fields from PDI Ascend to the custom data fields to your Fill-Rite account Select the date range you want to export Download your data […]

Recurring Reports

The Recurring Report setting lets you receive data from a report by email or SFTP automatically on a regular schedule. You can receive your Recurring Reports on a Weekly or Monthly basis. Weekly Reports are delivered Monday mornings and are from 00:00:00 AM Monday to 23:59:59 PM Sunday based on the time zone set in […]