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General Settings

  • Default Measurement Settings: Fill-Rite can track gallons, Liters or Quarts.

App Settings

  • No Flow Timer: No Flow timer is the time given for the system to force the driver to re-enter their PIN if no flow is detected.
  • Inactivity Timer: The time given to move through the steps of the app before being forced to re-enter the PIN.
  • Multiple Fills: This allows drivers to enter their PIN once and then fill multiple vehicles. Specifically designed for Fleet Fueling applications.
  • Two Factor Authentication: This requires users to enter both their PIN and scan a QR Code.

Custom Data Fields

  • Custom Data Fields: Used to track additional data about your Drivers and Vehicles that does not change, Department for example.
  • Questions at the Pump: These questions are shown to drivers in the app before fueling, and allow them to enter data that changes, Odometer readings for example. Find more information on setting up Questions at the pump in this article.
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