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Software includes a mobile app controlled by drivers at the pump and an intuitive online web portal for backend management

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Mobile App

Fill-Rite FMS Mobile App screen

Seamless Access, Simple Control

Our intuitive mobile app allows authorized drivers to access fuel with the devices they already use every day.

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App Features & Benefits

Credit card icon: Fill-Rite FMS is cardless Cardless

Use driver-specific PIN codes via smartphones or tablets to authorize access to fuel, eliminating the need for additional driver hardware and failure points such as USBs, RFID tags, and key and card programming.

Cycle icon: Fill-Rite FMS hardware gets automatic software updates Connected

Software updates are automatically pushed from mobile devices and tablets to the FMS hardware, continuously adding new features to your system at no additional charge.

Check mark icon: Fill-Rite FMS is simple Simple

Accessing fuel has never been so simple: select a pump, type in your pin code, and select a vehicle.

Light bulb icon: Fill-Rite FMS is flexible and smart Flexible

Drivers can use the multi-pump feature to control multiple transactions simultaneously, reducing downtime while still maintaining tracking accuracy.

Web Portal

Fill-Rite FMS Web Portal: sample page

Real-Time Control Over Your Fuel

Our web portal serves as your all-in-one fuel management dashboard. Check inventory, run reports, and manage filling restrictions all from one place.

Portal Features & Benefits

Cloud icon: Fill-Rite FMS is cloud-basedCloud-Based

Monitor transactions, run reports, check inventory levels, and set restrictions all in real time from any device, any time.
Circle-slash icon: Fill-Rite FMS lets you set and manage restrictions Manage Restrictions

Eliminate slippage by controlling access to fuel with driver and vehicle restrictions. Set maximums on tank capacities and on how much drivers can fill, eliminating fraud and theft.
Document icon: Fill-Rite FMS lets you create custom reports Automatic, Custom Reporting

Create unlimited custom reports and save even more time by having your reports delivered automatically to your inbox.
Monitoring icon: Fill-Rite FMS gives you real-time data updates Monitor Inventory

Transactions are updated in real time ensuring you always have the most updated inventory information. Receive automatic updates and send delivery requests to your fuel wholesaler when your tanks are low.
Cycle icon: Fill-Rite FMS integrates with your systems Open API Structure

Designed with open API structure, our system seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise, fleet management, or accounting software systems.
Percentage icon: Fill-Rite FMS has an automatic tax-refund feature Automatic Tax Refunds

Users receive an average annual payback of $20,000 using the exclusive automatic tax refund feature for fuel usage.*
*Based on average 2019 customer savings using this tool. Results may vary by customer and application.

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