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The Simple Overview

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The Last FMS You’ll Ever Need

Fill-Rite’s patented FMS is the most advanced fuel management system available, delivering a platform with extraordinary capabilities and flexibility. Leveraging the power of the equipment you already own, your computer and your drivers’ smart phones, fuel management is as easy as…

Fill-Rite FMS includes hardware, a mobile app, and a web portal.


Fill-Rite NXFM100 and NXFM150 hardware boxes

Low Cost

Due to its simple hardware design and intuitive cloud-based software, Fill-Rite FMS is a fraction of the cost of legacy fuel management systems.

Always Up to Date

Our hardware stays current through free and continuous software updates. As phone or tablets connect to the system, software updates are pushed to the hardware in real time.

Flexible Installation

Designed for both fixed and mobile applications, our hardware is compatible with most pulser meters and dispensers and can be installed in as little as one day. The modular design easily scales with the growth of your business, giving you unlimited flexibility to expand your system.

Small Footprint, Big Functionality

Roughly the size of a shoe box, easily fit our hardware onto mobile fuel tanks or in tight confines without sacrificing the control and performance you expect.

Mobile App

Use Your Existing Devices

Authorize drivers via the Android and iOS devices you use every day, eliminating the need for USBs, RFID tags, key and card programming, modems, or memory cards.

Enhanced Security

Fuel access is gated behind driver-specific PIN codes, protecting you from theft and unauthorized transactions.

No More Pen and Paper

All transaction data is uploaded to your web portal in real time, eliminating the hassle of maintaining hand-written transaction sheets.

Unmatched Simplicity

Automatically connect drivers to pumps, making fill-ups simple and seamless every time.

Web Portal

Fill-Rite FMS Web Portal dashboard

Customizable, Automated Reporting

Tailor the system to your business and other software by creating custom reports that are automatically delivered to your inbox.

Automatic Tax Refunds

Users receive an average annual payback of $20,000 using the exclusive automatic tax refund feature for fuel usage.*

Real-Time Inventory Management

Get real-time updates on inventory levels, monitor transaction history, set restrictions, and automatically order fuel deliveries all from one dashboard.

24/7 Cloud-Based Access

Your fuel data is available anytime, anywhere, on any computer through your Fill-Rite FMS account.
*Based on average 2019 customer savings using this tool. Results may vary by customer and application.

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