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Starting Multiple Transactions (Multi-pump)

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The multipump feature allows the Fill-Rite app to authorize and track multiple simultaneous transactions on a single tablet.

First begin by starting a transaction from the Fill-Rite app as you normally would. Once that first transaction is in progress, you can start a second transaction using multipump.

To use multipump to start a second transaction:
Fill-Rite Fuel Management System (FMS) App: Multi-Pump feature

  1. From the transaction progress screen, click the Back arrow in the top-left corner of the screen to navigate back to the Pump List
  2. Select an available pump
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Answer any required questions
  5. Press Start Pump to start the transaction

Other transactions will remain in progress until they are disconnected, or until a limit is reached. When a transaction is in progress, the app will display the number of Pumps in use on the pump list screen. Selecting  View  from that screen will show you the status of each transaction.

Fill-Rite Fuel Management System (FMS) App: Currently Fueling and Select A Pump screenFill-Rite Fuel Management System (FMS) App: Currently Fueling Detail Screen

To disconnect and end your transaction:

  1. Press View on the pump list to show transactions in progress
  2. Select your transaction
  3. Select Disconnect
  4. Select Yes to confirm
  5. Finally, select Disconnect on the transaction receipt screen

Multipump is a great way to manage multiple transactions when running the Fill-Rite app from a tablet device. The multipump feature is not currently available on mobile phones.

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