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Odometer and Questions at the Pump

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Questions at the Pump are used to collect information from drivers at the time of fueling. Fill-Rite allows for any number of Questions at the Pump. Any questions you add will become columns in your report export spreadsheets. The answers your drivers give to these questions will be saved with their transaction and included in that column of your report spreadsheet.

We offer two types of Questions at the Pump:

Common Questions

Common Questions include Odometer, Unit Number, Stock Number, Vin Number, PO Number, and Job Number. You also have the option to make these Required. A Driver must enter something for each required question before they can authorize the pump.

Some integrations with other software require you to use our Common Questions rather than Custom Questions.

Custom Questions

If you do not see the question you want to ask, you can always create a Custom Question! Custom Questions let you assign your own Field Name which will be the label for that question in the Fill-Rite app. You can also select the Data Type, which lets you choose if the driver can enter any text they want, or only enter numbers. Lastly, you can choose if this question should be required for your drivers.

To set up a custom field follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to My Account-Settings
  3. Scroll down to Custom Data Fields
  4. Select Additional Fields to ask drivers at the pump
  5. Click Add
  6. Enter the name of the Custom field you would like to add or Select from a list of commonly used data fields.
  7. From the drop-down menu select the Data Type (text or numeric)
  8. Select whether the entry is Required
  9. Click Add
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