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NXFM150 Wiring

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Fill-Rite Hardware Power In / Power Out

Fill-Rite piggybacks power off the AC input. Your wiring configuration will depend on whether the pump runs on AC or DC power. For use with DC applications a Class 2 power supply is required for the board’s power.


DC input requires ~12V DC. Attached positive power to DC+ output (terminal 3) and ground to DC- (terminal 2) as demonstrated on the graphic to the right (or below).

For output power, attach the load positive load wire to DC+ output (terminal 28) and ground to DC- (terminal 29).

The NXFM150 hardware accepts up to 5 pumps or loads. For each additional pump please connect the input and out power on channel 2 through 5.


AC input requires 80-240V AC. Attach Line power to L/DC+ (terminal 3), Neutral to N/DC- (terminal 2), and Earth Ground to (terminal 1).

For output power, attach the load Line wire to the L/DC+ output (terminal 28) and load Neutral to N/DC- (terminal 29).


The NXFM150 and NXFM100 must be connected through RS-485 to communication. Both hardware units have 3 wiring terminals that must be connected to each other. A, B, and GND on the NXFM150 need to be connected to A, B, and GND on the NXFM100.

NXFM150 Wiring Board:

Fill-Rite Fuel Management System NXFM150 Wiring Board

NXFM100 Wiring (RS-485 Connection Terminal):

Fill-Rite Fuel Management System NXFM100 Wiring Board

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