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Configure details about your account, such as your email, phone, time zone, and preferred language.


This section allows you to reset your own password or change the admin PIN associated with your account.

Notifications and Alerts

Fuel: This option lets you receive email notifications for fuel level alerts, and other details about your fuel. This includes High- and Low-level alerts, as well as fuel discrepancy alerts, which are all configured for each Tank in your account. If you never want to receive these alerts, uncheck this box. If you want to receive alerts from some tanks but not others, you can edit the alert recipients for each tank in the Tank’s settings.

Hardware: This option allows you to receive email notifications when there is a firmware update, and other details about your hardware. You will also receive alerts when the bypass switch on your hardware is flipped into bypass mode.

Security: Email notifications for transactions attempted outside of approved hours, tank and driver updates, and other security related changes in your account.

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