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Certain types of data have a variety of built-in ways they can be displayed. For example, if you want timeto export using a 24 hour clock, or a 12 hour clock with AM/PM, you can do that by picking the Data Format. Different types of data will allow different custom data Formats:

Date: Choose how dates appear when exported. Day/Month/Year, Year-Month-Day, etc.

Time: Choose between 24-hour (16:32:55) and 12-hour (4:32:55 PM) times.

Volume, Price Per Unit, Cost, Inventory (After): Choose how many numbers appear to the right of a decimal place, and whether or not the number includes commas. Using the number 11,222.3456 as an example, different options include:

  • 11,222.3456
  • 11222.346
  • 11222.35
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