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App settings are a variety of global timers or settings for the Fill-Rite App. This can be found under Settings > Company Settings.

No Flow Timer

If the system does not detect flow in the line it will force the user to re-enter their PIN. The No-Flow timer is configurable between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. Units must be entered in seconds.

Inactivity Timer

The Inactivity Timer is the time given for a driver to continue with the steps in the app. If a user enters their PIN and walks away this timer will reset the transaction to ensure a transaction is not recorded under the previous driver name.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is when drivers are required to scan their QR code and Enter their PIN. This is designed for customers needing an extra level of security. To turn on Two Factor Authentication go to Settings > App settings.

Offline Transaction Limit

Fill-Rite can operate in an offline mode. This means if the cellular network drops, users can do up to 200 transactions without being connected to the Cellular Data Network. Drivers must have used their PIN number while connected to the Cellular Network for the PIN to work offline.

Multiple Fills

Allows drivers to enter their PIN once, then fuel multiple vehicles. This is designed for companies with designated fuelers or mobile fuel truck applications.

Driver Lockout

By default, drivers are locked out of the device they are using to access the Fill-Rite app for 30 minutes after three bad PIN entries. This is a customizable feature; users can set this to unlimited or any number of bad PIN entries.

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