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Wi-Fi Connection Overview

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To Connect your mobile device to the Fill-Rite hardware users must connect to the Fill-Rite Wi-Fi Network. The Fill-Rite Wi-Fi Network is listed as NXFM_XXXXX (Last 5 of the NXFM100 serial Number) 

For iOS Devices, once connected to the Fill-Rite Wi-Fi there will be a “No Internet Connection” Message. This is a normal precaution as the Fill-Rite Wi-Fi is not an internet connection, it is simply a connection to the Fill-Rite hardware. 

For devices operating on iOS 10 and below you will have to connect to the Fill-Rite Wi-Fi Manually. To connect to the Wi-Fi manually follow the steps below: 

  1. From the Home screen select Settings-Wi-Fi 
  2. Select the network titled NXFM_XXXXX (Last 5 of serial number) 
  3. Wait for the blue check mark to the left of the Wi-Fi Name

It is important that the Fill-Rite NXFM100 is mounted in a place free of obstruction. Metal or Cement buildings can sometimes block signal of the Wi-Fi network. 

Fill-Rite still requires a cellular connection to transmit and authorize transactions. 

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