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Weights and Measures Features

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Fill-Rite hardware is NTEP approved. This allows our hardware to be used in commercial fuel setups along with other NTEP approved hardware. Weights and Measures approved usage also requires an inspection and approval according to your local regulations.

Temperature Compensation

This feature allows you to print the temperature compensation setting that your meter is using on your Fill-Rite receipts. Temperature compensation options are Gross or Net volume. Changing this setting will not change any readings or calculations performed by your meter, so be sure the setting in Fill-Rite matches your meter’s settings.

Gross (Uncompensated)

Gross volume measures the volume of liquid going through the meter without accounting for its temperature. If your meter is configured to use Gross volume, choose this option.

Net (Temperature Compensated)

Fuel’s volume increases as its temperature increases. Net volume is calculated by measuring the volume and temperature of the fuel going through the meter, then adjusting that volume based on the fuel’s temperature compared to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If your meter is configured to use Net volume, choose this option.

Display Unit Price in the App

Enabling this feature allows you to include the unit price, tax-per-unit, and the total price of the delivery on your Fill-Rite receipts and in the Fill-Rite app in addition to Volume.

Disabling this feature will hide any reference to unit price in the Fill-Rite app and on the receipt, only the volume will be shown. This is default Fill-Rite behavior when weights and measures features are disabled.

Showing the Unit Price on your receipts may be required depending on the type of fuel delivery, and the area you operate in. Check with your local regulations to see if you are required to include Unit Price on your receipts.