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Hardware Dimensions and Requirements for Mounting

  • NXFM100 (v1.4): 11.02” H  x  7.48” W  x  5.51” D (279.91mm H  x  189.99mm W  x  139.95mm D).
  • NXFM150 (v.14): 12.59” H  x  10.59” W  x  7.11” D (32.0cm H  x  26.9cm W  x  18.1cm D).
  • Installation location has clear line of site to pump or is located where wireless signal will not be blocked or degraded.
  • Installation location has no wiring obstructions.

Complete the following steps before beginning installation of Fill-Rite hardware. Failure to perform the below checks may result in the Fill-Rite system or fuel equipment being damaged or not working as intended.

1. Turn off all power to the pump and tank.

2. Ensure that your installation location meets the following physical requirements:

• Hardware will be mounted outside of hazardous zones—see warnings for more information.

3. Ensure that your site power supply and fuel equipment is compatible with Fill-Rite’s hardware. See Hardware Specifications for more information.

4. If also installing a NXFM150, it must be physically connected to the NXFM100 through shielded, twisted-pair RS-485 wire. The maximum distance the RS-485 connection is 5,000 feet; however, the Wi-Fi range of the NXFM100 is only 150 feet.

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