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Pumping fuel with the Fill-Rite App

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The Fill-Rite app is primarily used for drivers to pump fuel. Follow the steps below to complete a transaction: 

  1. Open the Fill-Rite App 
  2. Select your pump 
  3. Message will appear “Fill-Rite would like to connect to Wi-Fi network NXFM_XXXXX”  Select Join 
  4. Enter your Driver PIN, or Scan QR
  5. Select Activate Pump, or enter a preset gallon amount.
  6. Select your Vehicle from the list, or Scan QR 
  7. Enter any Custom Fields 
  8. Start Pumping 
  9. Once Finished select Disconnect 
  10. Select Yes to Are you Sure? message 
  11. When the Transaction is complete, select Close
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