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Powering on Your NXFM100

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Power On and Verification

After installing the Fill-Rite hardware and restoring power to the pump, verify the following items:

1. Power to the Hardware

Check that there are lights on the Fill-Rite circuit board and that the LEDs are illuminated on the circuit board:
Fill-Rite NXFM100 circuit board with Status and Power LEDs highlighted

If the board does not have power, check that the circuit breaker has not tripped:
NXFM100-TestVerifi-Circuit-Breaker: On, Tripped and Off positions

2. Bypass Mode

Flip the bypass switch on the Fill-Rite circuit board and confirm that your fuel equipment can dispense fuel.

Be sure to switch to normal on mode after you have successfully tested your equipment:
NXFM100 bypass switch on the Fill-Rite circuit board: confirms that your fuel equipment can dispense fuel

3. Hardware Wi-Fi

Ensure that your Fill-Rite hardware is successfully broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal. On a Wi-Fi-enabled device, you should be able to identify and join a Wi-Fi network titled “NXFM_XXXXX”, where XXXXX is the last five digits of the device’s serial number.

4. Test Transaction

Have the Fill-Rite system administrator create a driver profile and pin code for you, and perform a test fueling using the Fill-Rite mobile app.
The Fill-Rite app may perform a firmware update on first use.

5. Check Pulse Rate

Confirm that the volume displayed on the Fill-Rite app matches the volume of fluid being dispensed by the equipment.

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