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NXFM100 Mounting

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NXFM100 diagram, including height and width dimensions. The NXFM100 has four holes, so you can mount it in a variety of ways.


• 12.59″  x  10.59″  x  7.11″
• 32.0cm  x  26.9cm  x  18.1cm

The NXFM100 has 4 holes that allow it to be mounted in various setups.

Note: The NXFM100 must be mounted 18″ away from a Class 1 div 1 area.

For mobile devices to connect to the NXFM100, they must be within 300 feet of unobstructed line of sight.

Attach the four included Mounting Brackets and screws to the NXFM100. Use any available fasteners to mount the NXFM100.
NXFM100 comes with four included mounting brackets and screws to attach them.
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