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Morrison Bros. Tank Configuration

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Our system integrates with Morrison Bros. tank monitors. This integration allows your tank’s inventory to automatically update in Fill-Rite based on data from the Morrison Bros. system.

What is required?

1. Morrison Bros. 1218 monitor installed on one of your tanks

For Fill-Rite to have access to tank level data, you will need to have a Morrison Bros. 1218 monitor installed on at least one of your tanks. Morrison Bros. Co. offers tank monitors with between 2 and 4 sensors. This allows you to monitor the levels of up to 4 tanks with a single 1218 system.

2. Connect your Morrison Bros. tank monitor in Fill-Rite

  • Go to Manage > Hardware > Tank Monitors
  • Select Add Tank Monitor
  • Select Morrison Bros. Co. 1218
  • Select the Fill-Rite Site where this tank monitor is physically located
  • Activate the Morrison Bros. monitor to start your subscription in Fill-Rite

3. Once this is done, your Morrison Bros tank monitor is ready to be configured.

To configure your Monitor:

  • Go to Manage > Hardware > Tank Monitors
  • Click the Configure button next to your Morrison Bros. monitor
  • Click the    symbol in the first channel you want to configure. This will correspond to a specific sensor on your Morrison Bros. monitor.
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