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Filter & Sort the Pump List

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The Fill-Rite mobile app lets you filter and sort the Pumps on the Pump screen. This makes it easier to find the pump you are looking for.

Filtering the List

Selecting the Filter option will let you choose from a list of nearby Sites, or from a list of Product Types.

  • When a Site is selected, only Pumps from that site will appear in the Pump list.
  • When a Product Type is selected, only Pumps that dispense that product type will appear in the Pump list.
  • If multiple Sites or Product Types are selected, all those selections will appear in the Pump list.

If you want to see only your own company’s pumps, select all your nearby Sites from the list, then select Apply.

Sorting the List

Selecting the Sort option will let you choose how you want the pumps ordered in the pump list. There are two options: Distance and Alphabetically.

  • Distance will show the closest pumps at the top of the list.
  • If multiple pumps are the same distance (for example, they are all at the same Site), those pumps will sort alphabetically.
  • Alphabetically will show all nearby pumps in alphabetical order.