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Configure Odometer Reasonability

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Enable Odometer Reasonability
To require your drivers to maintain more accurate odometer readings for vehicles before fueling, you can enable the Odometer Reasonability setting in the web portal.

Once enabled, drivers will be required to enter an odometer value that is greater than the last value entered in order to activate a pump and complete a transaction on that vehicle.

1. Navigate to Settings > Company Settings > App Settings
2. Under Transactions click “On” for Odometer Reasonability

We recommend letting your drivers know before enabling this setting. The first transaction completed on a vehicle after the setting is enabled will be the new baseline. Drivers will receive a one-time message in-app to inform them when the setting has been enabled.

3. If you don’t already have an Odometer Entry enabled in your Custom Data Fields, you will be prompted to enable it
4. The system will enable the Odometer Entry for you with the following default settings:
a. Not required (drivers will be able to skip the entry in the app)
b. Ask for vehicle transactions only (will not be shown if a driver is completing a tank
transfer transaction)

Note: You can adjust the default settings by clicking on the Edit Icon on the Odometer Entry

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