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Adding a Driver

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You can add a driver to your account in the Manage section, or by importing multiple drivers from a spreadsheet.

To add a driver:

  • From the Dashboard go to ‘Manage’
  • Select Drivers
  • Click on Add a Driver

For more information on importing multiple drivers, check out our article on Importing Drivers. You can configure the following details when adding a driver to your account:

Driver Name

This is used to identify the driver in the system. It will appear in reports.

Driver PIN

Driver PIN is used to authorize a fuel transaction and must be unique for each driver in your account.

Driver Phone (Optional)

This field can be used to store your driver’s phone number in Fill-Rite. This can make it easier for you to contact your driver if needed.

Driver Code

Driver Code is sometimes used for reporting or tracking in other systems. For example, if your accounting software has a unique code used to identify each driver, you can add that code here to make it easier to associate transactions in Fill-Rite with the information already in your accounting software.

Allow Fills

This feature is only available in Jobber accounts. When this box is checked, the driver’s PIN can be used to authorize Fill transactions on your customer’s tanks in the Fill-Rite app. This means you can identify the driver that delivered each Fill in your Fill-Rite report, or only allow certain drivers to deliver fuel.

Custom Fields

Custom Data Fields let you track extra information about each driver. For example, division or department. If Custom Fields are configured for your Company, you will be able to add specific data for each driver in the custom fields you have added. This data will be recorded to each transaction for that driver and can be used to easily group transactions in your reports.

Access Schedule

By default, Drivers can pump fuel at any time. If you want to control when a driver can pump fuel, use an Access Schedule.


By default, Drivers can use all tanks and vehicles in your account. If you want to control which tanks and vehicles your drivers can use, you can do that using Access Groups and Individual Access.

Transaction Limits

You can use Transaction Limits to control how much fuel a driver can pump within a given period.

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