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Case Study: Optimizing fuel management for a landscaping company

Client Profile

Groundscapes, a leading landscaping company based in Valley, Nebraska, serves the Omaha metro area, offering comprehensive landscaping solutions. Shaun Little, the facility manager, oversees operations for the company.

Testimonial Video

Shaun Little, Facility Manager, shares how Fill-Rite’s Fuel Management System (FMS) transformed Groundscapes, Inc.’s security measures and fuel monitoring.


Before installing Fill-Rite’s Fuel Management System, Groundscapes faced significant challenges in fuel security and efficiency. With an estimated 20-25% of the company’s fuel lost to theft or misuse and weekly consumption of 1,500 gallons across 18 landscaping crews on diverse projects, effective fuel management became paramount.

Groundscapes truck at fueling pump

“Before the fuel management system, we were losing 20-25% of our fuel to either theft or misuse.”
—Shaun Little, facility manager at Groundscapes, Inc.

Fill-Rite FMS NXFM100


Fill-Rite’s Fuel Management System has proven to be transformative for Groundscapes. The system has bolstered security measures and provided crucial insights into fuel usage.

The company can now track details such as the quantity of fuel used and its specific usage locations. This data plays a pivotal role in optimizing trucking routes and ensuring responsible fuel consumption across projects, from routine maintenance to full pool and patio installations.

Fuel Security
Fuel Usage Insights
Location Tracking
Optimized Routes

Implementation & Impact

One of the standout features of Fill-Rite’s Fuel Management System was the user-friendly access provided to foremen. Empowered with the ability to independently manage the system, foremen could contribute real-time data, giving Groundscapes unprecedented control over fuel consumption. The system’s impact was immediate and substantial, enhancing security measures while providing valuable information for strategic decision-making.

Online access to detailed fuel-usage data


The implementation of Fill-Rite’s Fuel Management System yielded dual benefits for Groundscapes. Besides improving security by curbing fuel theft and misuse, it also empowered the company with the data necessary to make informed decisions about fuel usage. Currently utilizing about 20% of the system’s potential, Groundscapes anticipates further optimization and enhanced benefits as they explore more features and functionalities.


Fill-Rite’s Fuel Management System has proven to be an indispensable tool for Groundscapes, contributing to enhanced security and operational efficiency. The case study highlights the positive impact of adopting advanced fuel management solutions in a dynamic landscaping environment.

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